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Get to know the incredibly talented and diverse senior staff members of The Intergalactic Astronomical Union!

Our leadership comes from all across the bubble, from different walks of life.
Some come from Federation systems, some hail from Imperial systems, and some hail from from Independent systems.

Click on the link at the top of each bio, and you'll be directed to the personal "Inara" page of each senior staff member.
You can also contact us through the IGAU Discord:

Dr. Arroway

Dr. Arroway - Founder and Senior Scientist

Ph.D, Astrophysics (Federal Science and Flight Academy, 3305)

Area(s) of expertise: Radio Astronomy, Exobiology, Theoretical Cosmology

Publications: (Pending)

Python, Krait Phantom, Fer-de-lance, Imperial Courier

Hobbies / Likes: Antique radio restoration, Earth "Hot Dogs", Hawaii Atoll

Dislikes: Popcorn

Dr. Arroway’s Inara Profile
Urania Minora

Urania Minora - Co-Founder and Senior Scientist

Ph.D, Astrophysics (Federal Science and Flight Academy, 3303)

Area(s) of expertise: Galaxies and Cosmology, Stellar Evolution

Publications: Spectral Class Distribution of Galactic Phenomena

Ship(s): Anaconda, Krait MK II, Krait Phantom, Python, Fer-De-Lance, Imperial Courier

Hobbies / Likes: Swimming, Kamitra Cigars, Centauri Mega Gin, Eranin Pearl Whisky

Dislikes: Warm beer, pirates, and bureaucrats

Urania Minora’s Inara Profile

Marx - Senior Scientist

Area(s) of expertise: Stellar cartography

Publications: List of Earth-like worlds, Catalogue of Galactic Nebulae, Marx's guide to finding Earth-like worlds, Analyzing the ELW data from EDDB/EDSM

Ships(s): Imperial Courier, Imperial Clipper, Imperial Cutter, Anaconda, DBX, DBS, Vulture, Krait Phantom, Krait Mk II, Mamba, FdL, Viper Mk III, Viper Mk IV, Imperial Eagle, Eagle, Dolphin, Orca, Beluga Liner, Asp Scout, Asp Explorer, Cobra Mk III, Cobra Mk IV, Alliance Challenger, Type-6 Transporter, Type-10 Defender

Likes: Earth-like worlds, Photography, Goman Yaupon Coffee, CD-75 Kitten Brand Coffee

Dislikes: Terraforming, Federation, Bad Coffee

Marx’s Inara Profile

Orvidius - Senior Scientist

Area(s) of expertise: Stellar cartography


Orvidius’ Inara Profile
Amantha Holloway

Amantha Holloway - Associate Scientist

M.Sc, Biology (Argent Academy, Garden City, 3293)

Area(s) of expertise: Exobotany/Exozoology, Geology

Ship(s): Beluga Liner, Asp Explorer, Imperial Eagle, Sidewinder

Hobbies / Likes: Gardening, Hiking, History, Coffee

Dislikes: Terraforming, Imperials, Bad Coffee

Amantha Holloway’s Inara Profile

Saromon - Associate Scientist

M.Sc, Economic Engineering (Imperial Engineering University, Achenar)

Areas(s) of expertise: Economics / Trade / Exploration

Ships(s): Anaconda, Type-7, Diamondback Explorer, Sidewinder

Hobbies / Likes: Photography, Hiking, Exploration, Books, Honesty

Dislikes: Corruption, Lies, Dishonesty, Aggression

Saromon’s Inara Profile

Abbot.x - Associate Scientist

M.Sc, Astrophysics (John Conway School of Applied Mathematics, LTT 4961)

Area(s) of expertise: Orbital Mechanics, Trade, Filtered Spectrum Scanning

Ship(s): Krait Phantom, Cobra Mk.III

Hobbies/Likes: Life, Honesty, Profits, Exploration, Cool-Looking Ships

Dislikes: All Coffee, Licorice, Imperials, Crashing into Celestial Bodies by Mistake, Politics

Abbot.x’s Inara Profile

Ali_W - Associate Scientist

Area(s) of expertise: "A jack of all trades, a master of none"

Ship(s): Asp Explorer, Python, Type-7, Anaconda, Sidewinder

Hobbies/Likes: Follower of 'The Way', Good Coffee, Good Cheese

Dislikes: Religion, Licorice, Iced Tea, Crash landing onto remote Hi-G planets,

Ali_W’s Inara Profile